Get Your Gloves Made to Order

Southern Glove can custom-design and manufacture gloves or hand-and-arm protection specially constructed to your specifications and the demands of the job.

Throughout Southern Glove’s custom-design process, we:

  • Identify the intended application
  • Determine what hand or arm protection is required
  • Construct gloves or hand-and-arm protection designed to your exact specifications and working conditions

Our made-to-order gloves can be assembled from your choice of the following:

  • A wide range of specialty fabrics
  • One- to three-ply construction
  • Multiple sizing
  • Various cuffing styles and job-specific attachments


Southern Innovations

Southern Glove’s manufacturing division, Southern Innovations, delivers outstanding workmanship, timely delivery and affordability to a diverse range of industrial clients, applications and marketplaces. With our state-of-the-art, Honduras-based and US-managed manufacturing facility, Southern Innovations is an affordable resource for quality cut-and-sewn products.

For a production quote, please call Southern Innovations toll-free at 1 (828) 464-4884.

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